In the News

January 2014

Our service area has expanded! - We are now offering our dive services in Everett.

October 2013

New service available! - We now can offer the use of Non-Zinc Aluminum Anodes.  This gives a wider variety of choices for the correct solution for our clients.


Summer 2013

Summer is a busy time for everyone involved with boating. We do offer emergency services.  Please think of Double J if you experience grounding, hit a log, have line caught in your propeller, lose your sunglasses overboard, have a clogged intake…

Rope in prop


June 2013

Added underwater photography as a regular part of our Service.  We email our clients before and after photos of the conditions below the waterline, including the area that need to be addressed as part of regular service. As far as we know we are the ONLY local Yacht Service to offer this as part of our regular service.

June 13, 2007

"Diving for the American Dream...Double J Diving, that is" as featured in the Magnolia/Queen Anne News
In the modern world of megabillion-dollar corporate mergers, and people blaming every domestic problem imaginable on immigration, it's easy to forget that this country was built by people, our ancestors, from all over the world who were, and are, willing to come here, work hard and achieve the much-talked-about American Dream...Jorge Saldana and his wife, Janel Bussing, have a new business servicing boats with hull cleaning, zinc inspection and replacement, prop maintenance / repair / removal, bottom inspection and recovery of lost items. more... | [Click here for PDF version]

"I've lived aboard and cruised for 15 years and have developed a short list of the most reliable in marine service. The list starts with Double J Diving. I never worry with my running gear as that's their job and they're always spot on with when my zincs truly need replacing. You wouldn't believe how much time and money they've saved me. Janel and Jorge care for my boat as your family physician cares for you. Thorough, detailed and thoughtful. There is no other diving service like them on any coast. Feel free to email me, I'd be happy to tell you more."
Peter White, Shilshole Bay